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Kashmir of Gujarat. Mahuva is very cool place(Its my native). The weather of this area is very good. People love to visit Mahuva for various reasons. Morari Bapu, Jain Temples and many great things about Mahuva. Mahuva is also famous for Onion, Groundnuts, Jamadar Mango and Wooden Toys. Mahuva has got a great river called "Malan".
Mahuva has very good medical facilities, like Sadbhavna Hospital, which serves as the lifeline of the surrounding area.

ગુજરાતનું કાશ્મીર

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  • Madhuvan Residency, kantilalkb wrote 11 months ago:
    Beautiful Colony "Madhuvan Residency".
  • Regency Mega City, kantilalkb (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
  • Shree Ram Infosys, Mahuva (Govt. Computer Centre) (02844 - 222348), KISHOR GOHIL (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
  • Mahuva, Rajesh M Plandya (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
    A place of silent and make your mind cool. if you are with negative mind stay in Mahuva your mind will change. There is temple of Maa Bhavani Near the sea all wishes come true and also the temple of Khatalya Dada near Bhootnath. This Temple is Our Kuldevi and Kuldevta.
  • Reliance Petrol Pump, kantilalkb (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    Best Petrol Pump Of City.
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