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Kashmir of Gujarat. Mahuva is very cool place(Its my native). The weather of this area is very good. People love to visit Mahuva for various reasons. Morari Bapu, Jain Temples and many great things about Mahuva. Mahuva is also famous for Onion, Groundnuts, Jamadar Mango and Wooden Toys. Mahuva has got a great river called "Malan".
Mahuva has very good medical facilities, like Sadbhavna Hospital, which serves as the lifeline of the surrounding area.

ગુજરાતનું કાશ્મીર

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  • Turning Point ( Dashing Cyber Cafe), Gambhir (guest) wrote 7 months ago:
    Dashing is Must Help By student Applicathion & More then
  • SANGEET NI DUNIYA PARIVAR , kajal patidar (guest) wrote 10 months ago:
    bapu mujhe pagal bnane k liye thanks thanks thaks thanks radhe radhe
  • kailas gurukul, Kailash (guest) wrote 10 months ago:
    Please go to Mahuva village its near by Bhavnagar. Bapu comes daily at Chitrakoot dham in evening for all his devotees. ( Please confirm first weather bapu went out side for katha or not)
  • GAYATRI MANDIR MAHUVA, Prashnat (guest) wrote 10 months ago:
    Mahuva is best
  • SANGEET NI DUNIYA PARIVAR , kanpur me koi aashram hai bapu k (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
    kanpur me aashram hai bapu ka
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